IOC Athlete Career Programme

Die Teilnahme am IOC Athlete Career Programme hat wirklich viel Spaß gemacht und war sehr lehrreich! Für einen Einblick, im Folgenden der Bericht zu dem Programme von der VASANOC website:

„Oceania Athlete’s Commission (OAC) team conducted Vanuatu’s first IOC Athlete’s Career Program (ACP) Outreach Facilitator Training Seminar on Friday 10 October 2014 at VASANOC Haus, with Athlete’s nominated by their respective National Federations.

This seminar is a partnership since 2005, between (and recognized by) the IOC and ADECCO (a Swiss multinational human resource consulting company based in Glattbrugg, Switzerland. Adecco Group is the world’s largest provider of HR solutions).

The OAC Team that conducted the sessions included:

  • Mrs Barbra Kendall – Current OAC Chairlady and IOC Executive Member, Former Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze Windsurfing Medalist and 4-time World Champion Windsurfer;
  • Alex Davani – OAC member, Chair of PNG Athlete’s Commission and current PNG National Footballer;
  • Andrew Lepani – Current Oceania Sport Education Program (OSEP) rep, Former OAC member, PNG Athlete’s Commission Chairman and PNG National Footballer;
  • Mr Martin Burrows – Oceania Sports Information Center (OSIC) Coordinator at USP Laucala Campus;
  • Mrs Natanya Potoi-Ulia – Oceania Regional Anti-Doping (ORADO) Coordinator at Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC);
  • Mr Sam Judd – Founder/CEO of LoveYourCoast (

The Training sessions by the OAC Team covered topics such as:

  • Programme Introduction: This provided an overview of the content to be delivered and aligned the process of transition to a life after sport with the process it takes to become a national or elite athlete. Included in this was a presentation on the Olympic Movement.
  • Dreams to results: This showed Athletes the link between the process of becoming a national or elite athlete to the process of transition and achieving their dreams in the labour market with a session on goal setting.
  • Your Game Plan: It focused on helping the Athletes recognize their transferable strengths and helped them better define Who They Are in order to establish their game plan inline with their direction(s) to pursue in the labour market.
  • Your Team: This helped Athletes develop skills, protocol and practice on how to develop a network to help them succeed in sport.
  • Getting in the Game: Participants learnt that CV’s are reflection of Who They Are and Who They Can Be. Athletes have unique backgrounds; how do they translate who they are in sport into a business language?
  • The Race  (Interviewing): An interview is the final step in obtaining a job.  Can an athlete tie all aspects of their life together to win in the employment process?

The underlying message of this Training is summed up in the EXCELLENCE FOR LIFE Philosophy and SUCCESS that reads, „It is not about winning once – it is about continually, challenging, learning, evolving and improving so that you are striving to be the best you can be“. And „Success is a peace of mind which is a direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable“ (John Wooden)

VASANOC CEO, Henry Tavoa said, “Such training is crucial for the welfare of our Athletes because so many times the Athlete’s performances, skills and talents is only to promote the names of his/her leaders in Clubs, Leagues, NFs, IFs and NOCs but forget to train that Athlete to find future careers in or outside of sport when his/her playing days are over or even while they are still playing”.

Mr. Tavoa added that, “It is selfish for sports leaders to have such perspectives towards Athletes – because it is one cause of why Athlete’s give-up sports sooner than expected. And in Vanuatu’s predominantly volunteer-based sporting culture, it is extremely painful”.

At the end of this Training, each participant received a Certificate (signed by IOC President, Thomas Bach and ADECCO CEO, Patrick De Maeseneire) to qualify them to organize future IOC ACP Outreach seminars and nine (9) of these are Ni-Vanuatu. 

VASANOC acknowledges the assistance of IOC, ADECCO, Olympic Solidarity, ONOC, OAC, VAC, participating NFs and partnership of Carpenter Motors/BUDGET Car Rentals, who ALL made this event a success!“

source: VASANOC´website – OAC Conducts 1st IOC ACP Training in Vanuatu


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